Monday, January 4, 2010

UGG! what more can I say!

I know I just did a post about saving for the wedding but i really need a pair of really cool boots that will keep my feet warm, which means i will not be feeling pain in my legs that much throughout winter... It's been more than 3 weeks since i have been thinking about getting these UGG boots (they are called Adirondack tall and they come in dark chocolate and Otter) even though they will be very helpful comes the big chill. The price got me thinking twice about them, I have never spent that much on shoes before. I was spending hours online day and night just looking at the boots, I had dream of having them on my feet but when i think of the price I just turn off my laptop...
I spent the weekend checking out various websites to see who has the cheapest, Since i really like a good a deal. well let me tell you, I have found lots of scams. I was stunned by how many links there are for those fake websites.. Unbelievable! It's crucial when shopping for expansive boots like the UGG to really do your research and check the site that your shopping on before you hit the proceed button... I was this close to fall for the scam when i noticed how cheap the price was, later I found out that the site i was looking at was a scam.(you have no idea how scared I was). In conclusion after spending all that time looking for a cheaper price and i could not find it, I decided it's best if i just get the real thing. Now I really do not have to worry about having my credit card being stolen or having cash taken out of my debit card. I got the boots from a store in Manhattan called ORVA,it's a very cool store and they sale other boots too in case you don't really like the UGG. Check here if you would like to get more information about them.
I took some pictures after I came home with the boots... Take a look

What i like about them is that I could wear it long or short depends on the weather and on how i feel that day. I will certainly wear mine with skirt.

They are so warm you could use it in the 10 degree weather we are having now in nyc. I am so excited i can't wait to wear them...

These boots are made for perfect snowing, wet condition weather. These boots are completely lined in sheepskin which is good for my toes. these boots are available in whole sizes only, If between sizes like myself I suggest you order a ½ size up. For instance i am 7 1/2 so i order an 8 since they run small. If you're planning on getting any of the UGG boots check out here and here and here and here

Happy Shopping from the Savvy Bargain Hunter....

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