Sunday, January 17, 2010

Great News!!!!!!!

I am so happy tonight to say that my cousins are alive in Haiti.... I got a phone call from my cousin Wanex around 4 pm and told me that he is alive...when i heard his voice we all in the house started screaming and calling God. Thank you GOD. No seriously this is the best that happened. Although his foot is hurt but the great thing is he is alive. From what I understood my cousin Wanex was not home when the earthquake passed. He stayed and slept on the streets for 3 days with little food. It ached my heart when he told me he came close to die. Now everything he has in the house is gone.  He is thankful to be alive however, his girlfriend did not make it, she was in the house and did not get a chance to run out. I can't wait to send him some cash... I am so happy!

Also my other cousin by the of Keline called us today too... She is okay, although her house fell. As of now she is sleeping on the streets like every other Haitians. I am so happy to hear about my family and because now my mom can be herself again. She was in daze since the earthquake...Thank you GOD and everyone who have shown their support.
I am praying for everyone in Haiti and hoping things will get better and more lives will be saved.

Thank you everyone for all your support!

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