Friday, January 15, 2010

Text Baby to help the children of HAITI

This just came in my in box and i thought i would share with everyone... It's a catastrophe to see all these children became orphan in the middle day with no one to love them anymore. Seeing all these kids crying because they have no one to tend to them it's just heart breaking.I know the feeling because I grew up in HAITI, it could be hard at time when you have no food or drinking water when you're hungry. I was blessed to have my family looking after us and now it's saddened to see all these kids without a parent to care for them. Now it's your chance to be a guardian Angel to these kids.. Please help Haiti by Texting BABY TO 20222... your donation will go a long in recovery effort for the future of HAITI  with the can click HERE to help with the effort and more information will be available there...
Moms and babies in Haiti need your help urgently. If you want to act immediately, text the word BABY to 20222 to make your $5 donation. Donations made with your cell phone between now and February 15 will be applied to this effort.

Dear Friends,

The massive earthquake in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, has devastated the entire country. As with any disaster, moms and babies are among the most vulnerable.
The March of Dimes is deeply concerned about the thousands of pregnant women and moms caring for infants and children.
The tragedy this week requires a special response. We are providing a grant to UNICEF dedicated to meeting the urgent needs of Haiti’s moms and babies. If you can help, please donate today.
 Please help Save HAITI.. The babies are in need of your help... Baby are the future of the world.... 

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