Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Haiti is gone........

I am saddened to hear that the earthquake only lasted 35 seconds and caused so much damaged to Haiti. This earthquake has changed the lives of all Haitians forever. The dark days have just begun. The fear and horror i saw on these kids faces left my mind numb.  I don't really know how we are going to pull through but i have faith in GOD and things will be better.
Since the Earthquake i have finally contacted some of my family in Haiti on Thursday night. From what I heard my family members and friends who live in the northside of Haiti ( Cap-Haitien) are okay however, they have not been able to communicate with the rest of the people living in Port-au-Prince. I got word that i have cousins and close friends who have died.
It's very difficult to watch the news and i have anxiety every time the house phone or my cell phone ring. The chaos that's going in Haiti right is unexplainable, I never imagined such horror to happen to my country. The Haiti that i knew and grew up in is gone.
I have donated money to the red cross and YELE organization. I also have clothes, food and other things to send to the people. George Clooney plans to host a telethon to help Haiti and Angelina Jolie and Bratt Pitt have donated $1 million to doctors without borders. for more information on George Clooney and the telethon please click HERE.. I am thankful for everyone who has stepped up to help my country after we are all the same.

Earthquake Haiti Death Toll (News & Update)

This is so surreal. People are digging through rebels with their bare hands to look for sounds anything they could find to help save lives...
  Haiti earthquake
The only thing that's left in this church is the cross...
Haiti earthquake
My Haiti is gone...............Haiti Cherie

Thank you everyone for helping out Haiti and  keeping us in your prayer!!!!!!

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