Friday, January 29, 2010

Shopaholic! Me Not Really!

 With My shopping addiction, i should go to rehab. Shopaholic it's not a  word I would like to use in a sentence. Seriously! I have a Situation here.. for years i have been saying i am not going to shop anymore, however, that's never the case. When your work location is in the center of the shopping zone in Manhattan in NYC, it gets harder for anyone to actually don't step foot in these stores. There are lots of stores on every block in Manhattan and not to mention MACYS, H &M, ZARA and the list goes on and on...I get tones of emails about all the special savings, I get discount coupons at home, all this little extra saving play a role in my love for shopping. Did i just said i love shopping?

I am an impulse shopper, and whenever I see sale my feet just take me right in. For example, the other day I saw a sign that says " Extra 40 OFF" at Express and yes, I was there and i made a purchase.. I have been thinking of returning them but I really like them. I can't decide what to do. I went to Macys to make a return and I came out with more stuff. I tried to look away but i just could not do it. After purchasing my UGG I said to myself no more shopping and yet here i am with more clothes in my closet. Ever since I discover how to find awesome deals and save when you're shopping in retail stores, it has become a problem for me to only shop when it's necessary.

Every year my new year resolution is to slow down on shopping and here i am still shopping. I really don't know how not to. I tried to leave the store credit cards at home, guess what! that trick does not really work because once you have a proper identification you are allowed to have a temporary pass for that day.

Michael said that " I have a disease, i just don't know how to control myself when i see a good sale". Well, of course he is right, i don't have self control at all. I never thought i would call myself shopaholic, really! I don't want my spending habit to escalate to something bigger that could jeopardize my life, my saving, my relationship and my family.  i am going to make an attempt to reduce the store visitation and online shopping.

If anyone knows how I can tone down on  my spending habit please comment away, i am open to any suggestions.

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